Female DM Fluent English Summer Job


My name is Elizabeth Cleary. I am a student at the University of British Columbia. I am completing my first year as an arts student with an interest in Art History. As a extra curricular activity I have been pursuing diving since I was 10. I am currently 19 and a certified DM with the following specialties: Nitrox, Photography, Naturalist, Fish ID, Deep, Night, Wreck. I have dove around the world including Oman, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. Currently, I am getting certified in Dry Suit specialty so I am able to dive in British Columbia.  


As a student I am looking for a paid work experience during the summer. Ideally, with room and board included. Preferably in North America or in the Caribbean. I hope to seek experiences helping animals as I am currently interested in conservation and protection of endangered species. Please contact me at my email:

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