that's what makes the difference...

I've been an IDCS Instructor since 2007. I love my job. I speak fluently four languages, English, German, Italian and Spanish (written and spoken). I have a sound diving experience, both as instructor and leadership positions, I have worked in various countries with both smaller Dive Centers and luxury resorts, but I am someone who always wants to learn and works like anyone else. Providing an high-touch customer service is perhaps what I do best. I pay attention to details but it’s not just about PADI training. For me it’s also about establishing excellent relationships with guests, and providing memorable experiences.
I work very well with everyone, regardless of ethnicity or gender. I love to create a cooperative atmosphere with colleagues and management, wherever I go, and it's normal for me to go the extra-mile if needed. If there's anyone out there
looking for a guy who knows his job, who really cares about customer service, and has a range of different skills, get in touch with me please. WhatsApp and Skype +393441227815 email:
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Thank you very much!
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