Danish MSDT mermaid, available from May

The story about the Underwater World and me...

My first meeting with the Underwater World was in Denmark in 2012. We met on a cold but beautiful sunny day at the beach, we didn’t see much but we fell in love, and knew we were the perfect match. The next four years we met at different occasions, in Bali, Thailand and Egypt, before I after finishing my bachelor degree in Economics, decided to take our relationship to the next level. We spent two months together throughout my DMT at Roatan Divers, we grew together, got more close and aware of we needed to be together, which enrolled into the IDC and MSDT with Sairee Cottage Diving same year. October 2017 was the time where we finally could make our dream come true and be together day and night,  when I started working for Khao Lak Scuba Adventures, on the Manta Queen Fleet. 

Spending most of my time at sea just confirmed my eager to spread and share my love for the ocean, by teaching and bringing new and experienced divers into the deep blue. Short into the season I found use of my personal  organisational skills by being the assistant cruise director on Manta Queen 1 and later Manta Queen 2. Co organising our liveaboard trips, running the boats, setting up dive plans, dive groups, planning routes depending on conditions, to meet and match customers experience and requests, to make sure all divers get the best experience possible. 

Who is this person?...

I am social, open minded, always trying to get the best out of every situation and interested in getting to know people. For me it’s important to have a good connection with the people I’m working with, teaching and taking out to the deep, not only to give them the best experience, but also to make sure whomever I interact with have fun and feel safe around me. 
I'm very organised in everything I do, prefer to spend extra time finishing either a course, a project or anything, over rushing through, unsure about the result. I believe everyone can become a diver if they want, and you just need to meet them at their eye level. Although for me teaching diving isn't about introducing as many new divers to the Under Water World as possible, but to make sure all I introduce gets the best experience, feel safe and become familiar with the environmental and personal safety to become a better diver. 

I have the classic Danish humor filled with irony and sarcasm and like to make people laugh, as much as I like technology, coffee, motorbikes and learning new things. I don’t like walking slow, getting up too late and eating fish, I prefer to watch them in the deep where my favorite fish are the juvenile drum- and trunkfish. One of my best dives was on Roatan, where I found this beautiful tiny juvenile drum fish, in the exact same spot as where I first found it three months earlier, still dancing inside the corals. 

The Underwater World and I are now looking for a new place around the World from May, to develop our relationsship, while blowing love bubbles among other ocean lovers. 

Best regards 
Rikke aka Riks

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