Multilingual MSDT/OWSI Couple

Dear Sir/Madam

my name is Mats, MSDT. I am a Belgian national and i speak 3 languages. English, dutch and French. I can also speak basic Spanish and German to hold a friendly conversation with customers but they are not teaching quality yet.

Together with my partner Fern, OWSI. She is a Thai national and she speaks 2 languages. English and Thai. She also is a professional  photographer both on the land and underwater. with her own underwater camera set and a separate on land camera.  

We are an energetic and hardworking couple. We take customer service together with safety seriously. We are not afraid of lifting tanks or setting up equipment or any form of manual labor. We both can work with an air and a Nitrox membrane compressor and can change the filters and clean them. Mats can service dive equipment. also he has experience working as a deckhand and can drive tender boats. 
We are also able to function in a dive shop and are able to work with computers.
We are non smokers and we don't have tattoos or piercings. 
We are both currently working in Thailand. The locals on the island are primarily muslim, so we are used to working together with many different cultures. We work in a 5 star PADI dive center that works closely together with 5 star resorts. Also Fern worked in Soneva kiri before in thailand which is a high end resort.
We can move to a different job preferably from April 2018.
Please contact us on the email below fore more information and CV’s

Best regards,
Mats & Fern.

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