Chinese and English speaking couple OWSI

Hello dear divers, we are looking for leads or advice for our next opportunity.
A little bit about us : we are looking forward for Maldives or Fiji job offers for couples.
She: is a Chinese girl 25 years old, speaking English and Chinese fluently, OWSI, computer skills and sales, active uw photographer and have 3 tattoos just to let you know.
He: European 27 years old, speaks english,french and basic chinese, mechanic skills, everyday problem solver, easy to adopt, computer skills including Microsoft and Linux or Mac, i have been divemaster for all my diving life, become OWSI last year, willing to learn from people, underwater photography addicted, hehe and final but not last i have tattoos as well,
So we are looking for new job anywhere between asia and Pacific, for long term only because we want to enjoy calm island life while teaching diving and offering our skills to our new job opportunity, if anyone knows anything we will appreciate it,
Please reply us here in comments or send us private message us, thank you very much for reading our post and for further information,
Have a wonderful day
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