Master 3000 Chief Officer Needed For A 55m+ M/Y

Hill Robinson is looking for a Master 3000 Chief Officer needed for a 55m+ M/Y located in the Mediterranean.
Very busy private yacht.
Currently in shipyard period until March. Season will be Middle-East cruising in the summer with guests operations, winters in the Mediterranean.
Mature and responsible. Someone who is competent behind the wheel and has drive experience! Great opportunity to take command of the vessel. Will do guest trips as Captain.
Standard salary in US$ paid over 12 months with 2:2 rotation however during the summer will be on for 2.5 months and off for 1.5 months. Chief Officer for 2 months and then Relief Captain for 0.5 months while Captain is on leave. This will only happen about 3-4 times a year during the summer. The rest of the year it will be 2:2. For rotational purposes, flights are paid for.
Males only due to cabin arrangements, sharing with the 2nd Officer. When Captain, will be in the Captain's Cabin.
Position to start early February.

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