French, English, Spanish couple OWSI looking for job in the Caribbean for February


My name is Lisa, I’m a 27 years old French national and Mario is a 26 years old Costa Rican national. We are both OWSI looking for a job as a diving instructor in the Caribbean to start in february.

Lisa made her OWSI and specialties in Mexico in 2013. She has been diving since she was 8 years old, she is passionate about watersport and diving, she has experiences in team work and she can work with any kind of people (children, adult, disabled). She has her Master’s Degree in sport tourism and management and she also can work like a snorkeling guide and help with the office tasks.

Mario made his OWSI and speciality in Costa Rica in 2015 to be closer to the marine life. He has worked in several organizations which protect turtles in Costa Rica; as a marine life educator (fishing and tourism boat trips); and as a nature and animal over (horse riding guide, fauna and flora guide). He grew up in a really remote place in Costa Rica and he is really good at manual tasks. He is hard worker and gets involved in everything he does.

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Mario and Lisa

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