2nd EngineerCaptainMate/1st Officer

American, 65 y/o

Experience: 10+ years

Location: USA - Atlantic - SE - Florida (Miami)

1600 Ton Master Power Oceans. 100 Ton Master Sail Oceans. STCW MMD-AB Unlimited MMD-QMED- Oiler, Pumpman, (In process of taking more ER ratings.) Mechanical experience including design and fabrication since as a child working with my father in garage/machine shop. ARPA Open Water Diver Better than average keyboard typing skills. Familiar with Quickbooks, Xcell, Adobe, Word, Light AutoCad drawing and other most common programs. And More!

My experience covers a wide spectrum in the marine industry and is difficult to condense to a few lines. Chief of Marine operations in Iceland/Keiko Project for 5 years, 4 years as Master of 50 meter 1960 classic converted expedition vessel coast guard buoy tender. Years of sea service operating research vessels, tenders, and fishing vessels in Alaska. GOM OSV experience along with work boat and hydro-survey construction experience. I am interested in most any kind of work, as the key to my diversity in experience has been to take advantage of any legitimate marine work opportunity and be available on short notice. I am available and ready to relocate to most any location and small boats are fine. I am interested in a shore side position or one that would allow me to be on shore at least part of the time such as a rotational position, but would not want that desire to eliminate my chances for any work. Thank you for reading my profile. Michael E. Parks


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