Mate/1st OfficerCaptain

Uruguayan, 40 y/o

Experience: None

Location: South America - South America (Other)

Master<3.000 TRB First Deck Officer / Chief Mate Unlimited Second Deck Officer and OOW Carriage of Dangerous Cargoes (IMO 1.10) Crowd Managment Training / Safety for Personal Providing Direct Service to Passengers (IMO 1.28) Basic Personal Safety and Social Responsabilities (IMO 1.21) Specialized training for oil tankers (IMO 1.02) Elementary first aids (IMO 1.13) Basic Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (IMO 1.20) Personal Survival Techniques (IMO 1.19) Officer of the Watch from April 14 until November 10, 2000 at Sailing Vessel “Capitán Miranda” Officer of the Watch / Comunications and Supply Officer from april 18, 2001 until december 12, 2002 at a Fast Patrol Boat “Vigilante” class ROU 06 “25 de Agosto” Officer of the Watch / Comunications, Manuevers and Supply Officer from December 12, 2002 until February 28, 2007 at FFG “Comandant Riviere” class ROU 03 “Montevideo”. Officer of the Watch / Second in Comand / Comunications, Operations and Navigation Officer from March 01, 2007 until January 17, 2011 at Minesweeper “Temerario” class ROU 31 “Temerario” Accounting Officer from January 17, 2011 until December 27, 2013 at “CC Ernesto MOTTO” Naval Base La Paloma, Rocha. Personnel Division Chief of staff at the Command of the Naval Forces from December 27, 2013 until November 30, 2016. Master in a Pusher navigating the Uruguay River from December 07, 2017 until today, pushing a 5.000 ton barge. Total of Sailed Nautical Miles 46.313,60. Spanish – Native. English – Intermediate level reading and writing skills. French – Intermediate level reading and writing skills Microsoft Office – Advanced. International driver license.<p>
Experienced navy officer looking for new oportunities in the yacht industry. I have more than 10 years serving on board differents Navy ships (frigates 2200 Tons, minesweeper 500 Tons) where I served as Officer of the Watch and Officer in charge of the ship´s administration, food, personnel organization, personnel safety training and surface and mechanical maintenance of the ships. Completing 22 years as a Navy Officer, I had the opportunity to serve performing inland tasks such as Administration Officer, Chief of Personnel (Navy Staff) in charge of organization of trainings and Operations Planner for the Task Force in the Uruguayan Navy. My passion is the sea and I aim to find new oportunities worldwide


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