Deckhand/2nd EngineerSole EngineerDive Instructor

South African, 30 y/o

Experience: 1-3 years

Location: USA - Atlantic - SE - Florida (Other)

18 months as engineer on sailboats and 6 months as sole engineer on a 136 Hargrave Yacht, large tender driving experience as well.

I grew up in Sunny South Africa and gravitated to the IT sector, after a few years I decided I want a career in the Yachting industry and decided to peruse my Y1 certification. I am self-driven and hard working. Holding myself to a high work standard, I always strive to do my best in work and always up for a new challenge. like to learn new things and meet new people. I am an avid free diver, spear fisher and love being on the water and. Always willing to prove myself and make myself better in my career. Not afraid of hard work and getting dirty to get the job done


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