Mate/1st OfficerCaptain

Greek, 60 y/o

Experience: 3-5 years

Location: Pacific - Australia (Perth)

Fully STCW certificated, Chief Officer certificate (Captain B’ Class) under Hellenic Republic, Bahamas and Marshall Islands. Management & Operation or handling of cargo on Oil Tankers. Medical Care onboard. Ship Security Officer. GMDSS Operator. Radar plotting aids (A.R.P.A.). ECDIS Certificate. Fire prevention and fire fighting. Advanced Fire fighting (Southampton Warsash Centre). Bridge Team Management (Southampton Warsash Centre). Bridge Simulator (Southampton Warsash Centre & Piraeus). Passenger Ships V/2. Ro Ro Ships V/3. Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats. Proficiency in fast rescue boats. Personnel survival techniques. Personal safety and social responsibilities. Proficiency in Medical first aid. I.S.M / I.S.O Implementation. Fluent English speaking & writing. Fluent Computer training. Vetting Operations. Cargo Operations. Rules of the road Passage planning. Recreational Sailing. Manufacturing. Gardening. Fishing. Car and motorbike driving license.

Full STCW certificated. Served as skipper on Motor and sail assisted Yachts. The last 10 years serving as Chief Officer on Cruise ships, responsible or overviewing Navigation, Safety, ISPS, Communications, Maintenance, Drydocking Repairs, etc.


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