English & Dutch speaking OWSI - available from April (worldwide)

Eager to learn, team player, sporty, go-getter, open minded and willing to go the extra mile for great (diving) opportunities.

I am a junior diving instructor from the Netherlands where I did most of my PADI courses in the dark and cold water of the Oosterschelde and the clear water of Lanzarote, Spain. Besides that I love diving and I love teaching others new skills. I graduated as a professional sports instructor and coached different pupils in many sports during my studies. Still I am a personal trainer in health and fitness. I like to help people learn new things and I like them to get better in whatever they do. The way I coach doesn’t only help them physically but I also help them mentally to find the right mind-set and even overcome fears.

People Person

In every job or project I’ve had, I’ve been working with people and I had an active role. A job behind a desk it just not me. I want to be able to interact with people and I want to use my hands and be busy.

Working Mentality

Frankly, over the past few years I had jobs that bring in money. Were they my dream jobs? No. But still I went to work with a big smile on my face and made sure that I did the job as best as I could. Now I am ready to make the next step and find my dream job and I know this is it. My goal is to be a better PADI instructor with international experience. I want to grow my experience as a OWSI, I want to make others see and feel the beauty of diving, I want to expand my world and discover new waters.

I am on the search for a diving school that is willing to hire a young and ambitious instructor that is willing to do whatever is necessary of the right opportunity.

If your excited as I am about our possible collaboration, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am happy to also share my CV and give more insights in my diving experience.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Rory Malone

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