Help your future dive centre manager escape the non-diving life!

Name: Conor Ball, 25


Seeking: Manager/ Retail OR Instructor Position

Current Location/ Role: Warehouse Operative in UK.

Qualifications: PADI MSDT with 8 PADI Specs | DipHE Business Management

Experience (Brief): 1 year retail/dive centre management, 1.5 years retail, 4 years full time 

PADI Instructor (Scotland, Malta, Turks and Caicos Islands and Australia)

Experience (Detailed):

Management – Retail/ Dive Centre

I was floor manager at a busy Scottish Dive Centre. I was responsible for the daily running of the store as well as staff training. I created exclusive offers and pricing of goods. I created events to drive sales and gain new customers. I was also very active on the company’s social media page which I used primarily as a marketing tool. Events I created include Scottish Dive Show and Late-Night Openings.  I also met with supplier representatives and was instrumental in bringing new products to the store that have a great margin. I also gained basic workshop experience.



 Four years as an instructor in various parts of the world. Compressor usage, guiding, instruction and transportation of customers. Standard instructor work.

Why You Should Consider Me:

I will be able to create events for the company to get the company noticed. I have exceptional social media marketing skills and am skilled at creative writing with will help create blogs for the company. I have excellent business skills and a fantastic salesman. I am very patient and take the needs of the customer on board. I remain stress free while diving which leads to customers having a great time. I am not afraid of hard work or getting my hands dirty. 


Please contact

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for a CV if you think I am a fit for your company.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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