IDCS & OWSI couple seek work as instructor/management/marketing in SE Asia

Hello and thanks for reading...

We are Max and Liz. 

Liz and I have been working on Bali for almost 2 years now managing a dive center in Tulamben Bali. Unfortunately Mt Agung has decided to start erupting and we are now refugee instructors. 

We are seeking new opportunities somewhere in SE Asia so we can continue to grow and thrive! Working in Indonesia or Malaysia would probably be our first choice because we speak the language (Elizabeth is a native English speaker having gone to Uni in the UK, but her nationality is Malaysian and she speaks fluent Bahasa)

 I speak English and can speak some Spanish that I learned while traveling in Central America. I'm also starting to communicate in Bahasa as well

That being said we are interested in considering any option and quite willing to relocate.

I have been diving since 2005, did my DM in 2014, and IDC in 2015. 

Liz started diving in 2003 and has been an IDC staff instructor since 2012. 

In addition to being instructors we are very effective at sales, marketing (blogs, social media, printed advertisements), and at managing a busy dive center. Customer service skills and communication comes very natural for us. 

We prefer to work somewhere that is a PADI dive center/resort and has high standards for service and safety, or a dive center that would like our help to improve in those areas. 

My personal goal is to pick up 2 more specialties this year as well and become MSDT, so working with or near by a CD would be an added bonus. 

Another thing that is very important to us is environmental and conservation work. At our last dive center we adopted 2 dive sites and were conducting a Dive Against Debris twice a month. (This was also very helpful in the promotion of our dive center) We would be really interested in continuing to do this kind of activity as it's really popular with guests and allows us to teach marine conservation to as many divers as possible. 

Please contact us if you know of any opportunities that we might be suited for. We would be happy to send you a detailed CV with photo and provide references and letters of recommendation. 

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Thanks again for taking a moment to read this and consider us!

Max and Liz

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