Chinese/English OWSI looking for sponsor in Australia

Hi everyone,

My name is HongZhou Liu or MARIO, I am 30 yo male, native Chinese speaker/good English skill, I have working holiday visa until 20th June 2018.

I have 3years teaching experience as OWSI, 1year DM, I worked 6month in a high-end remote resort in GBR. I have all the ticket required in Australia and my own gear, I am doing my seatime for my coxswain as well. 


I am a 5 years experience cook, good at Chinese and Italian cuisine. You could use me as your liveaboard cook, or if you are a remote island, I can help kitchen when needed.

I am in perth at the moment. I plan to commit work before the chinese new year which is 16th FEB.


As my visa runs out, and I would love to stay in Australia permanently, I am looking for 187 sponsorship or alternative, Please do not waste both of ours time if you don't offer one. Thank you!


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email prefered

Best regard,


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